Paul is very personable in dealing with the delicate subject of Mental First Aid. He is very genuine and it comes across that the cares deeply about the subject and shares a few very personal experiences to help illustrate the various topics.It has put me in a better position to deal with situations that may arise at work or at home and indeed recognise the early signs on my own mental health.

Caroline, (First Aid for Mental Health Student)

The entire team thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s approach to CPR training.

We found Paul to be very engaging, humorous, approachable and knowledgeable.

The videos were very interesting and having the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about what we had watched was very useful and Paul was able to answer these questions.

Paul was clear with instructions and the method of CPR when we practised on the dummies and he offered advice where necessary.

While we all enjoyed the training, we came away with the knowledge and ability to administer CPR should it be required in future and Paul made this learning very enjoyable.

Jean Long, Dundonald Medical Centre

An excellent course well thought through. A potentially overwhelming amount of knowledge, for those not experienced in mental health work, was presented in very accessible ways with a variety of power point + videos + discussion. A thank you to the support team too for their efficiency and quick response to queries.

Margaret, (First Aid for Mental Health Student)

I must say I’ve been doing first responders 1st aid training courses for nearly 20 years . Your course has ranked number 1 by a country mile .  Very engaging and thoughtful. I personally take this very seriously for both work and home and you and your colleagues have a great manner about you. Well done 👏👏👏 .  I’ve relayed this to my superiors in MDF Engineering. 
I’d say I’ll see you in a couple of years for my next refresher.
Here’s hoping I don’t have to use these skills any time soon. 

Francis, MDF Engineering
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