Automated External Defibrillator Training


This course is aimed at anyone whose organisation is in possession of a Defibrillator, informing them of the correct procedures of how to use, when to use and any other relevant procedures. Individuals who may be aligned with sports clubs, schools or any organisation who feel necessary to own a Defibrillator are recommended to attend this short training course.


£40 + VAT

per person


4 hours in total

  • 2 hours for CPR, reassessment of casualty & functionality of the heart
    CPR reassessment
    Function & Anatomy of the heart
    Coronary Circulation – Heart Attack & Angina explained
    Electrical Pathway – normal and abnormal rhythms.
  • 2 hours for Defibrillator training
    correct procedures of what it does, how to use it, when to use it and more.
    The role of Defibrillators in Basic Life Support
    What is it & what does it do?
    The correct controls and procedures of use
    How to connect it to a patient
    How to use
    Safety & Maintenance


No formal assessment, however the trainer will assess each candidate, guidance and feedback will be offered throughout and certification is given based on the professional judgement of the trainer. Candidates will not be certified if they haven’t made the sufficient standard. This Certificate is valid for 1 year.


A maximum of 16 students can be accommodated on this course and they must be 16 years old or above.


The qualification can be delivered in your establishment subject to a pre-course assessment of the training venue. This is to assist with making the training more efficient and less travelling requirements for yourself for the course. We can also organise training venues and this would be added on to the overall cost for the training.